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Park & re-Creation: Video tour

Published on, March 2011

Accompanying “Parks & re-Creation”

Confronting Violence

Published on, July 2008
Second for multimedia presentation, Catholic Press Association 2009
Accompanies magazine feature “Under the gun”

Parks & re-Creation

Published in U.S. Catholic, April 2011

A group of young people in the Bronx finds that by beautifying an old eyesore, they’ve unleashed a desire to serve their community.

Youth Ministries for Peace and JusticeDavid Shuffler walks through the park that he helped build in the South Bronx on his way to work.

Grass and young trees line his path through Concrete Plant Park, named after the factory that was once on the site. Some of the old factory structures remain—but they’ve been transformed into public art.

On a sunny September afternoon, a young family sits in the grass, a boy casts a fishing line into the Bronx River below the promenade, and a few teens lounge in a reading circle, as Shuffler tours the park with part of his team from Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice (YMPJ). Two of the teen workers, Shanay Sneed and Andre Rivera, approach their peers in the reading circle to tell them about YMPJ, the force behind the park.

“My greatest joy is to see people using this park,” says Shuffler, director of YMPJ. “That’s a reward. The environment definitely transforms and connects people just because of its beauty and what it does for your soul, and I think we see it right here.” …


PDF of “Parks & re-Creation”

Under the gun

Published in U.S. Catholic, July 2009
Second for feature, Catholic Press Association
Honorable mention for feature, Associated Church Press

Urban violence takes a toll on children, but in Chicago, the Catholic Church is there to support them.  Continue reading “Under the gun”

Have faith in our youth: An interview with Eboo Patel

Edited interview published in U.S. Catholic, July 2008

Eboo PatelYoung people can change the world, this Muslim interfaith organizer says. They just need a chance to share their traditions with each other.


PDF of “Have faith in our youth”

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