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Cristo Rey model successful, but not for everyone

Education Dive interviewed Megan Sweas about Cristo Rey model of education, December 21, 2015

It also named Putting Education to Work as one of six books educators should read.

During her time as an editor at U.S. Catholic magazine, journalist Megan Sweas saw firsthand what graduates of the Cristo Rey network could accomplish. Continue reading “Cristo Rey model successful, but not for everyone”

Fr. John Dear, Dismissed from Jesuits

Published by Religion Dispatches, March 5, 2014

John Dear“This week, with a heavy heart, I am officially leaving the Jesuits after 32 years.” This was how Fr. John Dear announced his dismissal from the Jesuit order in his NCR column in January—a “divorce” (as Joshua McElwee put it that same week) that seemed to many to have been inevitable, if deeply regrettable. Dear, a widely respected peace activist, has been arrested over 75 times for civil disobedience, but it was his “obstinate disobedience” toward the directives of his Jesuit superiors that resulted in his dismissal.

He talks here with RD about his commitment to radical nonviolence, the future of the Church—and closes by offering some strong words to the spiritual-but-not-religious cohort.

MS: You recently published The Nonviolent Life, and you describe it as the culmination of your life’s work. What is a nonviolent life and why is it so important?

JD: Nonviolence is the center of Christianity and all world religions. It is the most needed thing in the world. Mahatma Gandhi insisted it is possible, and Martin Luther King, Jr. said that if we don’t do it, we will destroy ourselves. …


Are Priests Obsolete? PW Talks with Garry Wills

Q&A published by Publishers Weekly, March 12, 2013  

Why Priests?Historian Garry Wills’ latest book, Why Priests? A Failed Tradition (Viking), came out with impeccable timing, on February 12—a day after Pope Benedict announced his resignation. Once a Jesuit seminarian, the prolific scholar now argues that “the priestly monopoly on grace is a distortion,” with little historical or scriptural basis.

Why take on the priesthood, and why now?

I’ve been studying St. Augustine all my life, but more intensely recently. His view of the Eucharist made me change my attitude toward the Mass, because he denied that the bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Jesus. The body of Jesus, he said, is the body of believers. …


Roads less traveled: An interview with Rick Steves

Edited interview published in U.S. Catholic, June 2011

As a tour guide, Rick Steves directs travelers to hotels, restaurants, and museums in Europe, but he points them to God in the developing world. Continue reading “Roads less traveled: An interview with Rick Steves”

Muslim on Main Street: An interview with Akbar Ahmed

Edited interview published in U.S. Catholic, May 2011

Once an international diplomat, anthropologist Akbar Ahmed now seeks to build bridges between American Muslims and their neighbors. Continue reading “Muslim on Main Street: An interview with Akbar Ahmed”

Do your parish justice: An interview with Jack Jezreel

Edited interview published in U.S Catholic, June 2010

Jack JezreelThe most vibrant parishes focus as much on ministry to the poor as they do on ministry in the liturgy, says Jack Jezreel, the founder of JustFaith Ministries.


PDF of “Do your parish justice”

Religious by nature: An interview with Keith Warner

Edited interview published in U.S. Catholic, April 2010

Keith Warner

Keith Warner, a Franciscan environmental activist, recycles some ancient traditions for modern use.


PDF of “Religious by nature”

How not to talk about God: An interview with Karen Armstrong

Edited interview published in U.S. Catholic, January 2010

The current debates about God’s existence hardly lift us up to transcendence. Karen Armstrong shares a vision of faith that is less about proofs than practice. Continue reading “How not to talk about God: An interview with Karen Armstrong”

Sensitivity training: An interview with Rabbi Ruth Langer

Edited interview published in U.S. Catholic, August 2009

Rabbi Ruth LangerCatholics need to learn more about their Jewish brothers and sisters, Rabbi Ruth Langer says, so they don’t make the same mistakes all over again.


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