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Alumna Brings Texas High Schoolers to USC – Photography

Photography published by USC Student Affairs, November 15, 2012

High school students tour the University of Southern California all the time, but for many of the San Antonio teens on campus last week, it was their first time out of Texas. Alex Rios, a USC alumna who was placed at Edison High School in San Antonio through Teach For America, brought 20 students to USC to help them see what their future could look like.

I accompanied them on a campus tour and for a presentation from former and current USC athletes, including ex-NFLer Thomas R. Williams. My photo accompanied USC Student Affairs’ story on the visit. Here’s a slideshow of the photos:

Nigerian Student Finds Her Faith in Dialogue

Radio profile aired by The California Report as the second story in the 20Something series, May 25, 2012

SWEAS: The sun has yet to rise over her beige suburban house an hour east of Los Angeles. But Ajarat Bada is up, Quran in her lap, practicing her Arabic. Continue reading “Nigerian Student Finds Her Faith in Dialogue”

Big Chef, Little Food Court

This project was produced for Annenberg’s Specialized Journalism multimedia boot camp, but it also may be the start of a bigger project telling the stories of Mercado La Paloma. Thanks to the instructors at USC, my partner Cara Rifkin, and our project advisor Rachel Neubeck

Summary: Chef Ricardo Zarate is having a tremendous 2011. He became one of Food & Wine‘s Best New Chefs, opened a restaurant, and is planning the opening of another. While he expands his business, the Peruvian chef is staying true to the roots with his cuisine and his first restaurant, Mo-Chica. Continue reading “Big Chef, Little Food Court”

Park & re-Creation: Video tour

Published on, March 2011

Accompanying “Parks & re-Creation”

Palm Sunday crafts video

Published on, March 2010

Art columnist Jerry Bleem, O.F.M. shows U.S. Catholic editors how to make crafts with palm fronds.

Confronting Violence

Published on, July 2008
Second for multimedia presentation, Catholic Press Association 2009
Accompanies magazine feature “Under the gun”

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