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Pope Francis Loves Nuns, But Can the Divide Between Sisters and Vatican Be Healed?

Published by Religion Dispatches and USC CRCC, September 16, 2015

Pope Francis confessed his love for a woman—for many women, actually—on national television this month. Continue reading “Pope Francis Loves Nuns, But Can the Divide Between Sisters and Vatican Be Healed?”

Italian convents act as safe houses in trafficking portal

Published in Global Sisters Report, January 12, 2015

The girl was waiting at the sisters’ gate one morning in August.

Before her 18th birthday, Elizabeth had already traveled across the Sahara and the Mediterranean on her way from Nigeria to Europe and spent six months in a brothel in Denmark. She was being prepared to start working on the streets of Italy when she found her way to Casa Rut, a safe house for trafficking victims. Continue reading “Italian convents act as safe houses in trafficking portal”

Unable to work, Indian immigrant women turn to spiritual practices for comfort

Published by The Washington Post, Huff Post Religion & Religion News Service, May 10, 2012

Pooja Sindhwani
Pooja Sindhwani and her husband, Karan Kakar

Even though she met her husband through an arranged marriage, Pooja Sindhwani considers herself a modern woman. She worked in interior design in her native India for four years, and she and her husband spent a year getting to know each other before their wedding. When she followed her husband to Houston, she wasn’t worried about adjusting to life in the United States.

“You feel you’re going to a country that offers opportunities,” Sindhwani said, “you expect that things will work out.”

Except when they don’t.

Unable to land a job in Houston, Sindhwani slipped into depression. Like thousands of Indian women, she was issued an H-4 “dependent spouse” visa that did not allow her to work. …



Catholic and feminist: You got a problem with that?

Published in U.S. Catholic, January 2009

Catholics ought to be loud and proud in the fight for women’s rights, argues a young feminist.

This is what a feminist looks likeI still remember the first time I heard a friend utter the words I considered near blasphemy: “I’m not a feminist.” I was shocked. We were bright junior high girls in the age of the Spice Girls’ “girl power,” and I, for one, had been raised a feminist by a 1960s feminist mother.

I wasn’t burning my training bras or hating men (they weren’t yet on my radar screen, anyway), but my feminism was ardently liberal and a huge reason I struggled with my faith. …


PDF of “Catholic and Feminist: You got a problem with that?”

The Prophet’s daughers: An interview with Syafa Almirzanah

Edited interview published in U.S. Catholic, January 2009

Syafa AlmirzanahThere’s much in Islam that favors women, says scholar Syafa Almirzanah. As sisters in faith Muslim and Catholic women can seek out such traditions together.


PDF of “The Prophet’s daughters”

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